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作文 :History of the Internet 因特网的历史

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作文 :History of the Internet 因特网的历史

  高考英语满分作文 History of the Internet 因特网的历史

  Nowadays Intemet is very popular all over the world, especially in some big cities. Do you know when the Intemet was first established? Built in 1960s, the Internet was a crude network of a few computers which shared information. If one of the computers broke down, the whole networks would be unable to work, causing continual problems. At first, just the government had access to the Internet, using it for communications among different branches. However, by 1970s the Internet had been used in universities, banks, and hospitals. At the beginning of 1990s computers became affordable for common people and this affordability increased the use of the Internet by people,

  It is said that each day tens of millions of people log off, making it the most important part of people's life.



  Internet was first established in 1960郑州军海脑病医院与首都癫痫病专家李天富联合会诊s. At that time, the computer was both large and expensive and the networks were unable to work well. If one of the computers broke down, the whole networks would be unable to work.

  At first, the Intemet was just used by the government. By 1970s, it had been used in universities, banks and hospitals. At the beginning of 1990s,computers became both cheaper and easier to operate. Now it is very convenient to log on the Intemet.

  It is said that each day tens of millions of people log on the Internet. Sending e-mails is becoming more and more popular.

  The Intemet has become the most important part of people's life.





  网络犯罪 Network crime

  With the popularization of Internet, cyber crimes have become a serious problem facing us. Nowadays cyber criminals seem to be everywhere on the Internet. To illustrate, some commit fraud or lift intellectual property, others snatch passwords or disrupt e-commerce, and still others unleash viruses to crash computers. 癫痫病发作前有先兆吗As a result, these crimes destroy network security greatly and make computer users suffer great losses.

  However, we shouldn’t tolerate these cyber criminals any more. It’s high time for us to take effective measures to fight against cyber crimes. First, we should reinforce the cyber laws to punish cyber criminals strictly. Moreover, we should develop high techniques as soon as possible to improve intrusion detection and prevent cyber crimes. Besides, more talented people should be trained and more effective firewalls should be built up so as to make the net immune to all kinds of viruses.

  As college students, we have responsibility to join the battle against cyber crimes. For one thing, we should not use others’ computers unless we get permission. For another, we should be honest to others on the Internet and not release or spread unreal information. In a word, it takes our common efforts to defeat cyber crimes.

  教授于丹 Professor Yu Dan

  Yu Dan, a famous professor in Beijing Normal University, has already given millions of Chinese lots of wonderful lectures on CCTV. In this special way she introduces traditional Chinese literature to make it more popular. She is so humorous that many people admir北京哪几家医院治疗羊羔疯好e her and become her fans. Influenced by her father, she began to enjoy Chinese literature when she was a child. Now as a teacher, not only does she have rich teaching experience to instruct all her students, but also she has published many books. She is considered to be an excellent teacher, a great lecturer and a successful writer.


  有关禁止学生在校园内使用手机的规定 Provisions on the prohibition of the use of mobile phones in the campus




  赞同 不赞同 你的观点

  便于联系 便于联系非必需,因有IC卡电话

  有安全感 玩游戏,发短信

  功能多样 耗时费钱

  Just now, I entered the website—"Topic for Today". I feel interested in the report on banning the use of the cell-phone on campus in middle schools.

  One possible version:

  Just now, I entered the website--"Topic for Today". I feel interested in the report on banning the use of cell-phones on campus in middle schools. 治疗癫痫通常都用什么手术?In fact, more students now come to school with cell-phones. My schoolmates have different opinions. Some think it is convenient to get in touch with others with the cell-phone, which also makes you feel safe especially in time of trouble. Besides, it is nice to enjoy various functions of different cell-phones. Others think differently. First, the cell-phone in not a must in school, as there are some IC phones there, making it easy to call others. Second, many often play e -games and send e-massages with their cell-phones, even in class, which will surely have bad effects on their study. Worse is to come, it will result in a great waste of time and money. In my opinion, the cell-phone is a useful tool in our daily life. But it doesn't mean we can use freely in school.


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